Restoration 2005

A further section of the towing path on the old line at Spinkhill was cleared and opened as a Permissive Path by agreement with Renishaw Estates. Canal line in front of new housing development at Renishaw on site of former steelworks agreed. Line profiled and agreement reached with landowners to rewater as an isolated section. Planning application submitted December 2005 for rewatering section between Spinkhill Lane and Miners’ Crossing, approximately 0.75 mile.

May Bank Holiday Trust holds the IWA National Traiboat Festival at Tapton. The Canal Trust receives the Kenneth Goodwin Award from he Inland Waterways Association.
Derbyshire County Council receives the Waterways Companion Award from the Inland Waterways Association.
The Markham Employment Growth Zone is given the go-ahead after a legal challenge is dismissed. This will mean the construction of a navigable crossing for the canal at Hall Lane Staveley as a link to MRGZ in the next two years.

Yorkshire Forward, Rotherham’s Regional Development Agency, grants £75k for an engineering study for the Killamarsh to Norwood Tunnel (eastern portal) section.
Canal Partnership Development Manager’s two-year contract expires, but partners fund extension until March 2007.