Restoration 2004

Restoration has been given a major impetus with the appointment of Dr Geraint Coles as the Partnership’s Canal Development Manager. Based at Derbyshire County Council’s offices at Eckington, Geraint is presently employed on a two-year full-time contract, hopefully to be extended to five years. he took up post in December 2003.

Half of Geraint’s job is under the auspices of DCC’s Next Navigation project, paving the way for the canal’s restoration in Derbyshire. The other half, paid for by all of the partner’s contributions to make up his salary, has a wide-ranging brief across the rest of the canal. We anticipate that this appointment, long sought after by the Canal Trust, will expedite the canal’s restoration. Already Geraint has familiarised himself with the complexities of the canal, and we hope to be able to report shortly on developments from Chesterfield, Staveley, Renishaw, Killamarsh and Kiveton Park, to name a few! Definitely watch this space!

Meanwhile you will find elsewhere on this site reports of the canal extension at Mill Green, Staveley, brought about by our own volunteer working party, and the way the Killamarsh route problem is in the process of being resolved. Things are moving again!

Ecological Scoping Study published.
Canal extension by our own volunteer restoration working party opened at Mill Green Staveley.
Consultants Babtie publish study of alternative routes through Killamarsh. Inaugural meeting of group to build full-size replica Cukkoo boat takes place.