Having seen lots of recent progress at the western end of the canal, which is owned by Derbyshire County Council, we are often asked what will happen at the eastern end.
The following is an extract from Next Navigation East by Dr Geraint Coles.   © Chesterfield Canal Partnership.
Like the rest of Next Navigation East, it is available to download by clicking here and then clicking on Restoration Plans.


Connecting the surface route to the national network

22.1.1 The Kiveton Park restoration section commences to the east of Wales Bridge and extends eastwards to the eastern portal of Norwood Tunnel.

22.1.2 East of the Wales Locks and Wales Bridge, the canal is at the Kiveton Waters pond level. It then skirts the north-west boundary of the former colliery tip utilising the line of an existing trackway and drain before entering the former colliery site itself.

22.1.3 The route within the Kiveton Colliery site has already been defined by the construction of a canal channel and deep cutting. This prepared and protected route was built when the landscaping of the former colliery site was undertaken by English Partnerships. At the same time three large ponds, Kiveton Waters, were constructed on the colliery site at the summit level. These ponds are located to the north of the intended “main line” and were cut to a navigable depth profile with the intention that they can be converted into a marina once the canal is restored. In the interim they are let as fishing ponds.

22.1.4 Joining Kiveton Waters and the national network will involve use of the eastern surviving fragment of the Norwood Tunnel. This was inspected by British Waterways in 2001. It was found to be intact and in good condition for a distance of around 400 m from the East Portal. The first blockage occurs just to the east of Hard Lane.

22.1.5 The link will be made by excavating a cutting to the west of Hard Lane. Within the cutting a three-rise staircase lock will lower the canal to the tunnel pound level. A culvert will take the canal beneath Hard Lane and make a junction with the intact section of the tunnel.

22.1.6 The 400 m long tunnel fragment will then bring the canal out of the former eastern portal of the Norwood Tunnel into the cutting west of Kiveton Park Station. This is the current head of navigation from West Stockwith on the Canal & River Trust section.

22.1.7 The land corridor required for the new canal, marina and works within the former colliery site, together with the remaining tunnel fragment, are all owned by the Canal & River Trust.

22.1.8 It is likely that the Kiveton Park section will be the first phase of the Eastern Division to be completed. Reinstatement through the eastern tunnel fragment will enable Kiveton Waters to be developed by the Canal & River Trust as a marina and temporary head of navigation prior to the completion of the through connection to Chesterfield. The length of canal through the cutting to the site of the Wales Locks would be used as a further interim fishing pond.

22.1.9 There is strong evidence that the development of the Kiveton Waters site as a marina would have considerable economic benefit for the surrounding communities.

Kiveton Waters is straight ahead. The canal line is in the foreground going to the M1 which is a mile to the left. Kiveton Park and the eastern portal of the Norwood Tunnel is to the right, off this photo.