6th June  2015

Just before 11 o’clock a crowd began to gather round Dawn Rose. If you do not know the story so far, click here.

Cameras were held aloft and people started gathering round …..

….. Cllr Sybil Fielding, the Chair of Nottinghamshire County Council. She was reading some special words …..

….. and then proceeded to empty some beer into the canal. A mirror went in as well.

The official party then went to the other end of the boat …..

….. for the unveiling of the name. (Photo by Margaret Edge)

Surely not an argument between the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Trust about more beer?

No – it was for David Bownes, the genius behind the construction of this magnificent vessel.

The ceremony was completed when some bunting was raised up the mast, with the name at the top.

Thereafter, the Dawn Rose builders proudly showed the public the fruit of their labour.

Jim Bower interviewed several crew members, including David Bownes.

Meanwhile, members of Pleasley Canoe Club were taking children onto the water.

Just upstream several boats were moored.

Hugh Henshall was running trips.

This shows just how big Dawn Rose is compared to Hugh Henshall – over 25′ longer.

In order to be towed back to its base at Shireoaks Marina, Dawn Rose had to be turned round. This meant going through Stret Lock.

It is a full sized boat – would the rudder get caught on the cill?

No – the cill is curved, so it just fits.

The next problem was the offset bridge.

Then to wind (turn) at the disused Lady Lea Arm.

At first it seemed too tight …..

….. but a bit of nifty pole work got it round.

Back into Stret Lock …..

….. where Michael Edwards ensured it didn’t get washed backwards.

For a video record of the construction, click here.

If you would like to help to finance the boat by becoming a Friend of Dawn Rose, please click here to download a membership form.