Long term moorings on the C&RT section of the canal exist at the following locations:

  • West Stockwith
  • Clayworth (Retford and Worksop Boat Club – Non-residential moorings are available to members at a cost of £12 per foot per annum (2018). Visitor moorings are available for a small overnight charge. Click here for further information.)
  • Retford (Retford Mariners Boat Club)
  • Forest Locks (C&RT)
  • Shireoaks (C&RT)

Short term moorings of various durations are available at:

  • Misterton
  • Walkeringham (opposite the Winding Hole)
  • Mid-way between Smith’s Bridge (77) and Shaw Lock (62)
  • Shaw Lock (62)
  • Drakeholes
  • Clayworth Common
  • Hayton Gate Inn (PH), Clarborough
  • Whitsunday Pie Lock (60)
  • Hop Pole (PH), Retford
  • Grove Road, Retford
  • Above Town Lock, Retford
  • Between the railway bridge (54A) and Lady Bridge (54), Babworth
  • Forest Locks
  • Outside Ranby Village Hall
  • Chequers Inn (PH), Ranby
  • Near Milepost 25 between Ranby and Osberton
  • Between Long Bridge (47) and Manton Turnover Bridge (46)
  • Straddle Warehouse, Worksop
  • Lock Keeper (PH), between Stret (48) and Deep (47) Locks
  • Shireoaks
  • Above Cinderhill Lock (41)
  • Turnerwood Thorpe Bridge (32)
  • Kiveton Park

There are very few moorings on the Derbyshire section, and these aren’t currently suitable for long term stays.

Contact Tapton Lock Visitor Centre for more information on visiting the Derbyshire section.


One question we’re often asked is how much it costs to have a boat on the canal.

Well, there are a number of things to take in to consideration: licences, upkeep of boat, insurance… but in this article, we’ll take a look at  mooring costs.

To see the C&RT moorings pages, click here.

The moorings in Shireoaks Marina are sold by auction, click here for further information.

For prices, it is very difficult to say. BW (the forerunner of C&RT) used to publish guide prices for moorings across the system (last accessed October 2010). These prices were published per metre. As most people tend to think of boats in feet, we’ve recalculated. We can’t take any responsibility for the accuracy of these numbers, given that they are many years out of date.

West Stockwith Basin: £32.33/ft
West Stockwith linear: £25.74/ft
Forest Locks: £25.11/ft
Worksop: £18.83/ft
Shireoaks Marina (non-residential): £29.81/ft
Shireoaks Marina (residential): £34.52/ft

These are per annum costs and there are other mooring locations available.

If you have say a 60′ boat, mooring costs are clearly likely to be a significant part of your annual expenditure (anything from £1130/year upwards depending on location at one of the above locations). For further information, click here.

Shireoaks Marina.