Python restoration update from May 2010 to present day 27th May 2011.

Here we have a list of everything that has been done on the boat up to today. As you may be aware, Python has started it’s Grand Tour. Each of the jobs listed below was worth it because we now see her in this brilliant state. Most of the work was done by Mick Cheshire with help from Pete and Maurice, ably assisted by Thomas, not forgetting Toby the dog! Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about all the work that has be done to the boat and looking at the pictures that accompany it.

Before we did anything to Python – the day we picked her up from Adelaide Dock:

During May and June 2010 the tiling to the back of the new stove in the galley was completed and the stove was refitted. The front cratch was built and fitted. Timber gunwhales were fixed to take new deck boards and side sheets and for display stands made for Python’s history in pictures to be displayed.

During July, August and September 2010, deck boards were fitted, so was the cratch cover and the hooks for the top sheets. The splash back of the sink was re-tiled. The sink, taps and the cooker were fitted. Hot and cold water system piping was installed plus a waste pipe to the sink. Lights in the cabin were rewired and the engine room was cleaned out and repainted.

In January 2011 the top cover was used as a deck cover, the stove was resealed and tested. The main cabin fuse box was fitted.

During March, April and May 2011, a water heater was installed and connected. The sink, taps and waste were fixed and tested in the toilet. New lighting and all wiring in the cabin was completed. The coolbox was connected to a 12 volt socket. Pete Ramsell kindly donated two-way radios. The side doors were completed and Chesterfield Canal Trust logos fixed to the cratch and cabin sides. Through British Waterways funding, fold down beds and numerous tools and a first aid kit were supplied for the fast approaching trip and later use.

Eventually the moment that we were waiting for – the top planks and stand were installed and side and top cloths were fitted. A new headlight was wired in. Finally she looked like a working boat!

Python is now up to standard for long term cruising and for staying on overnight.

Thanks to Mick Cheshire for the majority of fitting out. He was helped out occasionally by Pete Ramsell who has done all the planning for the tour and managed to keep costs of materials down. To Maurice Marsden for the tiling in the cabin, donating tiles and a great paintjob of the engine room. To Tom Flewitt for fixing the hold lighting and welding the support for the stand plus other welding jobs and some heavy lifting work. To Branson Easy for making the fuse box and 12 volt socket boxes. Thanks also to David Morris for supplying the deck boards and cutting, by hand, ten 16′ x 12″ x 2″ boards. Thanks also go to Richard Allsopp for donating a much needed drawer unit and Paul Unwin for 4 life-jackets.

As an added thanks from Thomas: Even though I have come into the Trust towards the end of this stage of the project, I would like to say a thank you to everybody that has helped with this brilliant restoration. It upholds what Python stands for – the promotion of the Chesterfield Canal and the Trust. Right Pete what’s the next job to do???

Written by: Pete Ramsell.
Edited by: Thomas Flewitt.
Photos: Archive.