Our publicity trailer is called the JB – James Brindley – after the original surveyor of the canal.

If you would like to book the trailer for your event, or if you are a member who would like to help staff it, please email Stephen Thompson on promotions@chesterfield-canal-trust.org.uk.

We also appear at other events with indoor displays (ID), outdoor displays (OD) and Python appears at various canal events.


In 2017, this was our programme. This year’s list will gradually appear.

January 12th                  Supporters’ Group Meeting, Killamarsh Leisure Centre (ID)

January 21st                  Chesterfield Civic Society, Saints Centre, Chesterfield (ID)

February/March             Display in shop window on Low Pavement, Chesterfield

April 1st                          Retford & Worksop Boat Club, Clayworth (JB and ID)

April 21st/22nd               Chatsworth (JB)

April 29th                        Hollingwood Hub (ID and Talks)

May 1st                           King’s Park Retford (JB)

May 7th                           Mansfield Local History Fair, Mansfield Library (ID)

June 3rd                         Dronfield Hall Barn (ID)

June 11th                        Hasland Gala (JB)

June 24th                       Staveley Market (JB)

June 25th                       Kiveton ‘Pit’-nic (JB)

July 1st                           Misterton Gala  (JB)

July 1st                           Eckington Gala (OD)

July 8th                           Harthill Carnival (JB)

July 15th                         Cutthorpe Festival (JB)

July 29th                         Elmton, Hodthorpe and Creswell Gala (JB)

August 5th                      Aston Carnival (JB)

August 6th                      Ridgeway in Bloom Coffee & Cake Event (JB)

August 19th                    Archaeological Dig Open Day, Staveley (JB)

August 19th                    Friends of Spital Cemetery (ID)

August 19th                    Wyken Basin, Coventry (Python)

August 26th/27th/28th    Historic Boat Gathering, Alvecote (Python)

September 1st/2nd/3rd   Chatsworth Country Fair (JB)

September 15th/16th      Tapton Lock Celebration (JB)

September 22nd/23rd/24th      Barrow Hill Roundhouse Grand Re-opening (JB)

September 23rd              Chesterfield Museum Local History Open Day (ID)

September 30th              Worksop market (JB)

October 7th                    Kiveton Park & Wales History Fayre (ID)

November 4th                 Rotherham, All Saints Square (JB)

November 11th               Worksop Town Centre (JB)

November 14th               Supporters’ Group Meeting, Hollingwood Hotel (ID)

November 16th               Chesterfield Canal Talk, St Thomas’s Church Centre, Chesterfield (ID)

November 17th               Chesterfield Market Place (JB)

November 25th               Retford Market Square (JB)

December 6th                 Staveley Christmas Market (JB)

December 8th                 Eckington Christmas Event (JB)