There is a wealth of information about the canal and the Trust available in books, leaflets and on websites. However, a gap has been spotted by Alan Taylor, one of our Life Members, who currently lives in Scotland.

As a boy, he used to live near the canal and must be one of the few people alive who has seen a cuckoo boat full of coal going from Shireoaks Colliery Basin – the current Shireoaks Marina – to Shireoaks Colliery Wharf – opposite the present Priory Centre in Worksop.

Alan was a Geology teacher and was always fascinated by the route of the canal. James Brindley and John Varley will have known nothing about the geology, yet still managed to pick the best route. How?

Alan has written a pamphlet explaining why this was the best route from a geological point of view, putting it all into historical context. It has lots of maps, diagrams and photographs. This pamphlet is now available in electronic form as a PDF.

If you would like a copy, please click on Chesterfield Canal and Subsequent History – Alan Taylor.

We are incredibly grateful to Alan, who worked on this project for over a year. It is an invaluable addition to our information.