The Trust is run entirely by volunteers. This means that we do not get paid for what we do; it does not mean that we are amateurish or sloppy. In fact much of the work done is of a superbly professional standard. This is not surprising when you find out who is doing it. Our magazine is laid out by a graphic designer; our work party is led by a bricklayer; our education section is organised by ex-teachers. All these people have the common aim of seeing the Chesterfield Canal fully restored and working and so are willing to give up their spare time to see this dream fulfilled. There is a huge range of opportunities available. Below we list the activities that occur regulary. We occasionally put out appeals for help at one-off events.If you would like further information, please click on the relevant email address. N.B. Whilst you are welcome to come to see any of our activities, we insist that you become a member of the Trust before volunteering regularly. This is primarily for insurance purposes.

We have a small group which meets virtually every Thursday morning at Hollingwood Hub. They go through the huge volumes of papers, leaflets, letters, maps, minutes, leases, photographs, magazines etc. that have been collected by scores of individuals over dozens of years. They sort them out and file them. This is a very slow, but very interesting process and lots of wonderful, forgotten information has come to light. The result will be a treasure trove for future historians as well as very useful currently for the Trust. To find out more, email

There are lots of jobs that need to be done at Hollingwood Hub. Keeping the display information well stocked and up to date, weekly fire checks, doing running repairs, preparing the David Trickett Meeting Room for the next event, meeting people who hire the room and making sure that everything is sorted out afterwards, arranging for annual services, responding to emergencies etc. It is best if you live fairly close to the Hub and have your own transport. To find out more, email

Cuckoo stuffing
Our magazine comes out every three months. We need to put about 1400 copies into envelopes, label them and add other things such as membership renewal forms. This is done at Hollingwood Hub and takes less than two hours, well lubricated by coffee, cakes and chat. To find out more, email

We occasionally have schools visting Hollingwood Hub, sometimes combined with Barrow Hill Roundhouse. We need people to help with activities such as pond dipping, operating the lock and simple science experiments. To find out more, email

We run occasional festivals for which we need people in the planning stages and lots on the days before and during the festival. To find out more, email

The garden at Hollingwood Hub, needs constant attention. Planting and weeding are year round tasks. You are welcome to go and do a bit at any time. To find out more, email

Historic Boats
We have an ex-British Waterways work boat called Python. It is 90 years old. A dedicated group of volunteers look after it and take it to canal events right round the system in the summer months. They always need volunteers to take it to the events as well as staffing it when moored up. In the winter Python does canal clean-ups and vegetation cutting. To find out more, email
We also have a Cuckoo boat, unique to our canal. This has been built from scratch using the original methods – no power tools. It was launched in the Spring of 2015 and will be taken to various events along the eastern part of the canal; either towed by Python or by a horse. Volunteers are needed to run and maintain the boat as well as staff it at events. To find out more, email

Maintenance in Derbyshire
This might be a mile where you walk regularly and will do a litter pick. It might be the bywash of a lock that you will agree to clear two or three times a week. It might be a picnic area that you will keep clean. It might be a notice board that you will keep up to date. The joy of this plan is that you can do it at a time that suits you.
There will be other, less frequent jobs, such as painting lock gates, fixing broken benches, repairing fences or cutting back vegetation. These would be done under the direction of the Derbyshire Countryside Rangers.
The idea is not to do the Rangers jobs for them. It is to relieve them of simple tasks that anyone can do, so that they have more time to do the more complicated, skilled or more dangerous work for which they are trained.
All the work will be overseen by the DCC Countryside Service. All volunteers will be briefed and trained by Rangers before starting their duties. To find out more, email

Promotional trailer
We have a trailer, called the James Brindley, that we take to all sorts of events throughout the year to tell the public about the canal and the Trust. It is sometimes used purely for promotional purposes, e.g. in town centres, but is often accompanied by our gazebo running fundraising activities such as tombola, booksales etc. We need volunteers to drive the towing van and help set up the trailer as well as staff it. This is hugely rewarding, because so many people tell us how much they love the canal. To find out more, email

Our shop at Hollingwood Hub is open two or three days a week, especially when Madeline is running trips. To find out more, email

We deliver dozens of talks about the canal every year to all sorts of groups and societies. If you would like to become involved, we will make sure that you are well prepared. To find out more, email

Trip Boats
We currently run four tripboats – the John Varley based at Tapton Lock in Chesterfield, Madeline based at Hollingwood Hub, the Hugh Henshall based at Shireoaks in Worksop and the Seth Ellis based in Retford. All four do special public trips as well as charters. We need crews to run the trips – skippers, lock operators, stewards etc. – plus further people for maintenance. The more volunteers we have the better; it is not uncommon for boats to be out on five or more days a week in the summer months. If you decide that this is for you, we will train you to become a skipper; we have trainers for the NCBA and RYA schemes.
To find out more about John Varley, email
To find out more about Madeline, email
To find out more about Hugh Henshall, email
To find out more about Seth Ellis, email

Work Party
Our Work Party does the physical restoration of the canal and some maintenance work. They have restored four of the locks on the Derbyshire section, built two more from scratch and are currently building Hartington Harbour. They meet every Sunday and Thursday, plus occasional other days as well. It is usually hard physical labour. Skilled bricklayers are very welcome, but there are plenty of other jobs, such as cement mixing, digging, dumper driving and of course the key person is the tea masher! If you become a regular member of the Work Party, we will supply you with the necessary safety equipment. To find out more, email