Health & Safety

Instructions for those working on the

Chesterfield Canal Trust Volunteer Working Party.


1. Hard hats conforming to BS 5240 must be worn by all members at all times.

2. Only those between the age of 16 and 70 are permitted to join working parties. Those outside these limits are not covered by our insurance and will not be allowed on site.

3. Lifting equipment (including barrow hoists) can only be operated by persons aged 21 or over.

4. Only those who have received training and who hold a Waterway Recovery Group authorisation card are allowed to operate plant or vehicles.

5. Alcohol will not be allowed on site.

6. A First Aid kit is available on site. Make sure you know where it is.

7. The IWA Practical Restoration Handbook ‘Waterway Restoration Societies’ Guide to Health and Safety’ published in 1997 is available on site and from the Site Works Organiser. The Directors of the Chesterfield Canal Trust endorse this publication. All members of the volunteer working party are expected to read the relevant sections of this and be guided by its requirements and recommendations. The sections on pages 4 – 8 are particularly important, and a copy is available for each volunteer.

8. If in doubt about any aspect of site work or safety ASK the Site Organiser! Do not guess, or take risks or short cuts.

9. All volunteers must sign on and off as they enter and leave the site on the sheet provided.

10. You MUST follow the Site Works Organiser’s instructions at all times, and sign to say that you have received a copy of pages 4-8 above, and agree to abide by its contents, and by the contents of this notice. Failure to follow safety instructions will result in your being barred from site.

Draft to be discussed by the Directors of the Chesterfield Canal Trust and the Action Group at their June 1999 meetings.

(Based upon previous notice agreed by the Chesterfield Canal Society in 1996)

Confirmed by Trustees 25.06.02