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Chesterfield Canal Trust : Stoppages
Stoppage list

Confirmed stoppages and restrictions


West Stockwith Lock (65) - 3rd November to 5th December
This closure of the navigation is required so that C&RT can replace the top gates to this lock as the current ones are nearing the end of their useful life. Whilst on site it will be taking the opportunity to replace lock ladders, to bring them up to current standard. It will also be refurbishing the sluice mechanism gearbox and replacing both ground paddles.
Click here for the C&RT notice and map.

The works at West Stockwith Lock have overrun by a few days and the lock will now be reopened on Friday 5th December.
The delays were caused by the need to install a new pin and cup arrangement to one of the top gates which was not foreseen in the planning of the works. In addition, although C&RT planned to remove the silt from the bottom of the lock, the sheer volume of silt was much more than expected and so took longer to remove than planned.
The team on site have worked hard to reduce these delays to a minimum.


High Hoe Road Bridge (44A) - 3rd to 5th December
Contractors will be undertaking an inspection of the above pipe crossing. This will be undertaken from a pontoon and scaffold tower. The navigation and towpath will remain open at all times although short delays may be encountered whilst pontoon/materials are moved when necessary to allow safe passage of boats and pedestrians.
Click here for the C&RT notice and map.

Wiseton Top Bridge (70) - 12th January to 2nd February
C&RT is closing the navigation in order to carry out repairs to this Grade II listed masonry arch bridge. The works will primarily comprise careful brickwork repairs and repointing by our expert maintenance team, and will specifically target the waterway walls under the bridge.
The towpath will also be closed.
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Weed warning - Between West Stockwith Lock and Shireoaks Marina - until further notice
As with recent years, we anticipate that we will again experience weed growth in this area over the next few months. Although weed boats will be actively removing this weed it is possible, especially if the weather is exceptionally warm and sunny, that boaters and anglers may be affected. Please be assured that we will do our best with the resource we have available to manage weed growth. 
Please do report any sightings of excessive weed growth in this area to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Thank you for your assistance and understanding on this matter.
Click here for the C&RT notice and map.


Morse Lock (49) - until further notice
The emergency repair works to the ground paddles at Morse Lock have now been completed and the lock is once again operational to boaters.
However, an obstruction has been found in the lock and consequently one of the ground paddles is not working.
Boaters can still operate the lock, but please be aware that delays will be experienced when waiting for the lock to fill up.
C&RT apologises for any inconvenience these delays may cause and asks boaters to be patient.
They aim to have this obstruction removed as soon possible and regular updates can be found on the C&RT website.
Click here for the C&RT notice and map.


Advice: Misterton Bottom Lock to Thorpe Top Treble Lock Top (C&RT Key Required) - 27th Apr 2012 until further notice
Associated Regional Office: East Midlands Waterways
Restriction on lift of paddle gear is in place on some paddles to assist low water flows.
Click here for the C&RT notice and map.


To find our stoppage page on the C&RT website, please click here.

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