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Latest news General news ITV Calendar features our HS2 concerns
ITV Calendar features our HS2 concerns

21st February  2013

To see an clip from ITV Calendar about our HS2 concerns, click here. You need to scroll down to the clip labelled 9:30 PM, WED 20 FEB 2013.

If you have not seen our original article with the maps, click here.

We are pleased to see the response below from Ian Jordan of HS2 Ltd., especially his promise that discussions will continue.

"The route north of Birmingham that was recently published is the Government’s initial preferred route and we are now able to address concerns about specific sites such as the Chesterfield Canal in more detail with local authorities.
We have recently met with Chesterfield Council* and discussions will continue.
A full public consultation will also open later this year and information gathered through the consultation will help inform the decision on the final route, which will include how the line can cross existing infrastructure such as canals."

* The representative from Chesterfield Council was Dr Geraint Coles, the Chesterfield Canal Development Manager, whose employment is hosted by Chesterfield Borough Council.

The map featured in the clip is shown below.

The proposed HS2 route goes straight up the right. The Depot is in mauve. Staveley Town Basin should be where we have drawn an S, virtually in the middle of the map. The Mill Green Link should head south west towards Hollingwood just below the River Rother. There is a gap in the canal just above where Hollingwood is written. This gap was removed when the canal was dug out in 1991 following opencasting. The pink road going south west from the Basin is the Staveley Loop Road Phase 2. It does not exist, indeed Derbyshire County Council has not even determined a route for it yet.