Work at St Helena's and Constitution Hill

March 23rd 2012

Is it an invasion of super slugs?

Are they mating?

No, it's a clever new method of dredging. The silt is sucked up and pumped into porous bags on the bank.

They very quickly dry out and the bags can be opened. Then the silt is spread out to become fantastic soil.

Altogether there are eleven bags between the floodgate at Tapton Mill Bridge (no. 1) and the River Rother. Soon the soil will be spread out and planted with a wildflower mix. Later picnic benches will be installed. It will be a lovely spot to enjoy your butties, look out for the Kingfisher and listen for Green Woopdpecker.

Meanwhile the foundations for the new footbridge (no. 11) at the bottom of Constitution Hill between Mill Green and Staveley Town Basin were poured today.

The bridge abutments will be built by our Work Party and the Waterway Recovery Group. Hopefully it will be ready in time for our Festival.