Volunteering for the Chesterfield Canal Trust

The Trust is run entirely by volunteers.

This means that we do not get paid for what we do; it does not mean that we are amateurish. In fact much of the work done is of a superbly professional standard. This is not surprising when you find out who is doing it.

Our treasurer is an accountant; our magazine is laid out by a graphic designer; our work party is led by a Countryside Ranger. All these people have the common aim of seeing the Chesterfield Canal fully restored and working and so are willing to give up their spare time to see this dream fulfilled.

There is a huge range of opportunities available.

If you love the outdoors and enjoy physical labour, our Work Party meets virtually every Sunday.

If you like talking to people and want to help spread the word, our promotional trailer, the James Brindley, goes to events far and wide on many weekends (and a few weekdays) throughout the year.

If you love boating, our trip boats – the Seth Ellis based at Retford, the Hugh Henshall at Kiveton Park and the John Varley in Chesterfield – always need extra crew members. This could be steering the boat, operating the locks or tending to the needs of the passengers. Then there is our 84-year-old ex-BW working boat Python. Or you can help with the first Cuckoo boat for 80 years - New Dawn.

Perhaps you would prefer to do office type work. We are always ready to welcome help from envelope stuffing to typing to filing to taking bookings.

Is Gardening your thing? Then please help us at Hollingwood Hub.

There are plenty more opportunities such as helping to edit Cuckoo (our quarterly magazine), helping with the website or setting up social events.

Finally, there are times, such as on sponsored walks or festivals, when we need dozens of stewards.


If you are interested in volunteering in any way, please email Kath Auton on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Please note

· We take Health & Safety very seriously.

· We are very happy to train you where necessary, e.g. in boat handling or chainsaw use.

· Wherever possible, we involve people with all abilities.