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Domesday reloaded

Back in 1986, the BBC commenced an ambitious project to survey the whole of the UK to make a record of life as it was then - a modern recreation of the Domesday Book. Sadly, the then cutting edge technology designed to display the recorded information proved expensive and increasingly unreliable. It's only now with the advent of the Internet that this information can be delivered to everyone's home.

Needless to say, the Chesterfield Canal features in several places in the record, both in text and pictures. You can browse the archive for information about the Chesterfield Canal or if you want to start from a clean sheet, start here instead.


Mooring costs on the Chesterfield

One question we're often asked when on the tripboat is how much does it cost to have a boat on the canal.

Well, there are a number of things to take in to consideration: licences, upkeep of boat, insurance... but in this article, we'll take a look at  mooring costs.

There are a number of moorings on the canal, some managed by BW, some not. BW publish their guide prices for moorings across the system (last accessed October 2010) and operate five mooring locations on the canal. Their prices are published per metre. As most people tend to think of boats in feet, I've recalculated. We can't take any responsibility for the accuracy of these numbers - they are taken from BW's published list and are auction guide prices.

West Stockwith Basin: £32.33/ft
West Stockwith linear: £25.74/ft
Forest Locks: £25.11/ft
Worksop: £18.83/ft
Shireoaks Marina (non-residential): £29.81/ft
Shireoaks Marina (residential): £34.52/ft

These are per annum costs and there are other mooring locations available.

If you have say a 60' boat, mooring costs are clearly likely to be a significant part of your annual expenditure (anything from £1130/year upwards depending on location at one of the above locations). We advise anyone interested in finding out more information on pricing to contact BW via for the latest up to date information.

Shireoaks Marina.