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See the Vulcan over our canal this weekend

What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday and/or Sunday afternoon.

On Saturday, Vulcan will be making one of its last ever flights, passing directly over the canal at Misterton and later between Hollingwood & Staveley.

On Sunday it will fly outwards near Gringley-on-the-Hill and back over Welham. For further details, click here.

Why not take a walk or cycle ride along our beautiful canal near Misterton, Gringley-on-the-Hill, Welham or between Hollingwood and Staveley.

On Saturday, you could even spot it whilst cruising on Madeline, which will be doing trips from Hollingwood Hub, click here for details. Failing that, why not take in the amazing work being done on the new lock and Hartington winding hole by our Work Party, click here for more.

At present, the times are not known, only that it will be in the afternoon on both days.

On Saturday, early afternoon at Misterton, which will be just after take off from Doncaster and probably late afternoon at Staveley, because this will be very near the end of the route before landing again at Doncaster.

The same applies on Sunday, early afternoon over Gringley-on-the-Hill, late afternoon over Welham.

Near Misterton, on Saturday, it will be flying South-West, the black line is its flightpath.

At Staveley, on Saturday, it will be flying north.

On Sunday, the right line is flying out, going south; the left line is flying back, heading north.

Lock Keeper's Table Cruises

Replacement for John Varley

15th September  2015

The following is a Press Release from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire. It details that the Trust has been awarded £20,850, which will be used to buy the shell and some fittings for a replacement for our tripboat John Varley.

Dawn Rose negotiates Kilton Lock

10th September  2015

Dawn Rose was on its way to Retford to appear at Retford Heritage Day on 12th September.

If you click here, you can see a video of it going through Kilton Lock, which is on the east side of Worksop.

If you know nothing about Dawn Rose, click here.

Further on past Kilton Lock, Dawn Rose is being towed by Pebley.

Santa Specials and other Christmas Cruises

On our Santa Special Cruises, there is a present for every child and a mince pie and a drink for every adult.  £6 per person.

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