Canal map


We have five historical maps available.

The first shows (more or less) the route actually used. It is dated 1769, some two years before building actually commenced. It's a big download (3.4MB and approximately 4000x2000 pixels) but if you're on a relatively quick connection, click here, it's an interesting view. For further information, click here.

Our second map shows another 1769 map with a proposed route that was rejected. This goes to Gainsborough instead of West Stockwith! To see it (4MB), click here. For the full story click here.

The third map shows another rejected route. This was the original route idea, going to Bawtry where the canal would have run into the River Idle and thence to the Trent. For the full sized (1.5MB) version, click here. For further information click here.

Fourthly, we have a 1772 map that is very similar to the first one. To see it, click here. For further information, click here.

Finally, we have another 1769 map of John Varley's, but this time of the final route; click here.



To find our base at Hollingwood Hub, click here.

For a cruising guide with every lock, bridge etc. marked, try Canal Plan AC, click here to find it.

For a really detailed map, try Waterways Routes by clicking here. This costs £4 to download, but the Derbyshire and unrestored sections are free by clicking here.

Should you wish to buy a physical map, easily your best bet is to get the official Guide to the Chesterfield Canal. You can purchase it online by clicking here.

If you're trying to get an idea of where places are along the line of the canal in the present day with some idea of the progress of the restoration, hopefully this map will help you out. Use the scroll bars to move around the map.

Canal map