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Events Concerts at Hollingwood

The Trust hosts concerts and performances at Hollingwood Hub. Where possible, tickets will be made available through our shop. We also have occasional Craft Fairs for local artisans to show and sell their wares. This is not open to traders. For more information, click here.

The Churchfitters

Tuesday, 24th March 2015, 7.30 p.m.

All tickets £9.  To buy online, click here or ring 01246 477569.

Nona's Coffee Shop will be open from 6.30 p.m. Onsite parking.


"One of my favourite bands" Mike Harding BBC Radio 2

The Churchfitters are a folk band like no other. A double bass made out of a saucepan. Heart-wrenching vocals accompanied by a musical saw. Foot-stompingly fast fiddle meets funk-rock rhythms. And traditional tunes reinvigorated with mesmerising jazz sax. An evening in their company is an uplifting experience that sends everyone home happy.

The three virtuoso musicians from England and France strut their stuff on a stage that overflows with instruments - adding flute, banjo, dulcimer, tin whistle, guitar, ukulele, electric hub-cap bass-bouzouki and a sackful of percussion to their ensemble. And let’s not forget the unique ‘bing-bong’ machine made out of hack-saw blades.

Throw in some exquisite harmonies, original songs and a few jokes that create instant rapport and you’ve got a high energy show that often gets people dancing and always leaves audiences cheering.

For further information about the band, click here.