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Off the water Walking and Cycling Public Transport along the canal
Public Transport along the canal

It would be impossible to list all the transport services along the canal. Towns like Chesterfield, Worksop and Retford are very well served. Instead we have just brought your attention to some linking services for those people who want to do linear walks.

Much of the canal lies near the Sheffield – Worksop – Retford – Gainsborough – Lincoln line. This line is most useful for the restored Rotherham stretch which is considered one of the most beautiful sections of canal in the country. Both Kiveton Park and Shireoaks stations are right on the canal. Kiveton Bridge, Worksop and Retford stations are not far away. Click here to download a timetable.

Sheffield Supertram has a terminus at Halfway which is a mile from Killamarsh. Several of the services below link to it at Crystal Peaks. Click here for timetables etc.

The 90 goes from Chesterfield to Staveley via Tapton Lock and Hollingwood Hub. Click here for the timetable.
The 78 goes from Brimington to Hartington (Staveley Town Basin) via the Mill pub at Brimington, Chesterfield Station & Town Centre and the Royal Hospital at Calow. Click here for the timetable.
The 70 goes from Chesterfield to Sheffield via Staveley, Renishaw, Eckington and Killamarsh. Click here for the timetable.
The 26 goes from Rotherham to South Anston, meeting the canal on Rotherham Road in Killamarsh and Kiveton Park. It also links up with Sheffield Supertram at Crystal Peaks. This is useful to go up the Norwood Flight of locks, under the M1, past Kiveton Waters to the eastern portal of the Norwood Tunnel. Click here for the timetable.
The 7 goes from Shireoaks along the canal into Worksop. Click here for the Monday to Saturday timetable, and click here for the Sunday timetable.
The 42/43 goes from Worksop to Retford via Manton and Ranby. Click here for the timetable.
The 96/97 goes from Retford to Gainsborough right along the canal via Clayworth, Clarborough, Hayton, Wiseton, Gringley-on-the-Hill, Walkeringham, Misterton and West Stockwith. Click here for the timetable.
The 98 goes from Gainsborough to Doncaster via Gringley-on-the-Hill, Misterton and West Stockwith. Click here for the timetable.

General websites
For further information, click on Public Transport in Derbyshire, Traveline East Midlands, Travel South Yorkshire or the Nottinghamshire County Council bus page.