These two artist’s impressions of Basin Square give an idea of what to expect at this mixed use development in Chesterfield, a few minutes walk from the station.

(Above) Basin Square (7.5 acres) – aerial view of the vibrant, mixed use area surrounding the new canal basin.

(Above) Station Place (2.5 acres) – view from the town centre into the bustling retail and office environment on Brimington Road.

(Above) Station Place – aerial view showing the links to the station and town centre.

This is the original 3D plan showing the whole complex of houses, shops, cafés, offices, workshops etc.

Work started on Phase 1 in September 2016. For further information, click here.

This is the view of the work from the roof of Chesterfield College. Note the station on the top right.

This is a panorama view of the whole site.

For further information click here.