Alvecote to Sawley

24th August to 6th September  2012

Snake Charmed
My husband Dave and I had volunteered to crew Python for two weeks of her tour. Going on board at Alvecote Festival, moving her on to Shackerstone Festival and then to Fradley to hand over. Although we have both got lots of experience at steering different boats and we have our own boat, our experience of Python was very limited and it caused us some concern when the news came through from the previous crew that she was taking on excessive amounts of water into her bilge ! We were advised to arrive at Alvecote at the earliest opportunity so we could monitor the bilge pump to stop her sinking!  For those of you who are not familiar with Python the accommodation is best described as basic. Camp beds in the hold under the “cloths”.  This was going to be our summer holiday! We both enjoy a modicum of comfort and here we are volunteering to take charge of an ancient bit of iron which has the most basic accommodation on board and was slowly sinking. What on earth possessed us to do this? I took a deep breath and reminded myself it was going to be an adventure! I heard my subconcious cry “But I don’t do camping!”

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